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Alibris Alibris connects people who love books, music and movies to thousands of independent sellers around the world.

City Lights A landmark independent bookstore and publisher that focuses on world literature, the arts and progressive politics.

IndieBound A family of independent booksellers.

Loompanics Hard to find, controversial, unusual books.

NewPages Guide to independent bookstores in the U.S. and Canada. Online bookstore.

Powells Bookstore Largest independent bookstore around. Tons of interesting items, new and obscure.

Prairie Lights A small, intimate bookstore offering titles by newer voices.


Ahsahta Press A not-for-profit literary publisher, was founded at Boise State University to preserve the best works by early poets of the American West, including many underpublished women poets.

AK Press A worker-run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles.

Alice James Books A nonprofit cooperative poetry press, founded in 1973.

Aliform Publishing An independent publisher and distributor specializing in Latin American literature (with a dash of world literature thrown in).

Anhinga Press Publisher of full-length volumes of fine literature, principally poetry.

Another Realm A Free Monthly Magazine Featuring Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

The Internet Archive A digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.

Aralia Press The spirit of small press publishing guided the formation of Aralia Press in 1983. During the past fifteen years we have featured the best work from a large and diverse group of poets.

Asian Review of Books A publication of and Chameleon Press.

Atelos Founded in 1995 as a project of Hip's Road, devoted to publishing, under the sign of poetry, writing which challenges the conventional definitions of poetry, since such definitions have tended to isolate poetry from intellectual life, arrest its development, and curtail its impact.

Avec Books Innovative contemporary writing.

Bardsong Press This press promotes, inspires and continues the rich, vibrant traditions of the Celts.

Barnwood Press Sponsored by The Barnwood Press Cooperative, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1978 for the purpose of supporting the contemporary art of poetry through publishing and educational activities.

Barricade Books An independent publishing house committed to protecting people's right to free speech.

Barrow Street Press A poetry journal established August, 1998.

Basilica Review Originality, lyricism, rhythm, imagery. Ingredients with no oven. The parts can't make the whole until there's a wordless ferocity, a got-to-say, an ache to construct a new language.

Bear Star Press Founded in 1996, Bear Star is committed to publishing the best poetry it can attract from the Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Birch Brook Press Publisher of quality letterpress and distinctive trade books.

Black Sparrow An American literary treasure.

Blindside Publishing Opened in 1998 as a foundation for Exodus Webzine, which ran as an online publisher of horror, fantasy, and science fiction short stories and poetry.

Blooming Rose Press Founded in the year 2000 by two seekers who came together after decades of following individual spiritual paths.

BOA Editions A Pulitzer Prize-winning, not-for-profit publishing house that has received national acclaim for its work.

Bombay Gin Bombay Gin is the annual literary journal of Naropa University's Writing and Poetics Department, founded by Anne Waldman and the late Allen Ginsberg in 1974.

Bootstrap Productions is a non-profit publishing company that promotes the integration of multi-dimensional art forms and experiments into fine press publishing.

Bottle of Smoke Press Bottle of Smoke Press was started in 2002 with the goal of publishing books that will be well received and enjoyed by those that read them.

Breakaway Books Sports, literature and life.

Bright Hill Press Dedicated to increasing audiences' appreciation of the writing arts and oral traditions that comprise American literature, and to encouraging and furthering the tradition of oral poetry and writing in the Catskills and beyond.

Broadside Press Founded in 1965, promoting the written word as a vital art form intimately related to self-determination, and used the publishing of literature as a vehicle for building communities and promoting cultural critique.

Brooks Books Dedicated to writing, publishing and enjoying English-language haiku.

Calacas Press Calaca Press is a Chicano family-owned small publishing house dedicated to publishing and producing unknown, emerging, and established progressive Chicano and Latino voices.

Chickory Blue Press Chicory Blue Press is a small, feminist, literary press that focuses on the strong voices of women over sixty.

Carolina Wren Press A nonprofit organization whose mission is to publish quality writing, especially by writers historically neglected by mainstream publishing and to develop diverse and vital audiences through publishing, outreach, and educational programs.

Centennial Press is the actuation of a dream humored once-upon-a-time (the year 2000 anno domini) in a bar on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Curbstone Press A non-profit literary arts organization founded in 1975 that focuses on creative literature that invites readers to examine social issues, encourages a deeper understanding between cultures, and reflects a commitment to promoting human rights.

The Cupboard A quarterly pamphlet of creative prose published in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each volume features a body of work by a single author.

Diagram An electronic journal of text and art.

Duration Press Founded in 1997, this publisher deals mostly with English translation.

The Edge Foundation promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society. An online quarterly that publishes original works of fiction, poetry and art.

FeatherProof Books An indie publisher dedicated to "doing whatever we want. This might take the form of publishing an idiosyncratic novel, design book, or something in between. We love paper, but we're not afraid of computers."

Five Fingers Review A non-profit organization, Five Fingers Review publishes the best non-commercial writing by emerging and established writers from the United States and abroad.

580 Split 580 Split, an annual journal of arts and literature, is both the convergence and divergence of many roads: a place of risk and possibility. They publish innovative and risk-taking fiction, creative, non-fiction, poetry, and art.

Fourteen Hills Since its inception in 1994, Fourteen Hills has held an impressive reputation among international literary magazines for publishing the highest-quality innovative poetry, fiction, short plays, and literary nonfiction.

42 Opus 42opus is a digital literary arts quarterly dedicated to showcasing the most innovative and creative voices in contemporary literature, art, and design.

Granta Granta magazine publishes new writing - fiction, personal history, reportage and inquiring journalism - four times a year. It also publishes documentary photography. Every issue contains at least 256 pages in paperback book format; special issues, such as those on India, London and (most recently) Australia, can be up to 100 pages more.

Green Lantern Press A paperback company dedicated to the publication and distribution of emerging and forgotten works. "We focus on underdressed intelligence; works that relate old dusty books to contemporary experience without a lot of noise and pointing."

Land Grant College Review A handsomely designed literary magazine based in New York City. It publishes short stories.

LimberLost Press Limberlost Press is dedicated to publishing finely printed books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction by both established and emerging writers.

Longhouse Publishers and Booksellers was established in 1971 by the poet and editor, Bob Arnold. Joined by Susan in 1974, they have published hundreds of folders, chapbooks, broadsides, anthologies and small edition books.

McSweeney's Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency is an offshoot of Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, a journal created by nervous people in relative obscurity, and published four times a year.

The Museum of American Poetics As mentioned in the New York Times, The Museum of American Poetics (MAP) is a unique amalgamate of poets, students, teachers, scholars, editors, publishers and literary centers. The museum features an array of multimedia investigations that trace the finest in original American Poetics.

New Pages NewPages is the Portal of Independents! News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

Octopus Magazine An online poetry magazine named after a sea creature that is intelligent, lives in dens, and uses ink as a defense mechanism. Every issue features a combination of 8.

One Story One Story publishes one story by one write every few weeks. Subscriptions and submissions can be made here.

Other Voices Magazine Other Voices, Inc. is a non-profit literary press encompassing the longstanding literary magazine, Other Voices, and its brand spanking new fiction imprint, OV Books.

Paris Press Paris Press is a nonprofit press publishing the work of women writers who have been neglected or misrepresented by the mainstream literary world.

Paris Review In the words of one critic, The Paris Review is "one of the single most persistent acts of cultural conservation in the history of the world."

Persea Books Persea Books is now more than twenty-five years old. They are an independent, literary publishing house, founded in 1975.

Poets & Writers Magazine A literary journal concentrating on the art of writing and resources for writers.

PomPom Press A journal of poetic polylogue. PomPom publishes poems that directly engage or respond to work published in previous issues, with the aim of making the magazine's contents the "property of many."

Post Road Magazine A nationally distributed literary magazine based out of New York and Boston that publishes art, criticism, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

The Reader magazine provides a platform for personal and passionate responses to books, as well as identifying new and exciting writers. It is unique in its combination of high-quality material and presentation with a genuine commitment to ordinary but dedicated readers.

Route Magazine Route is a cultural organisation and a home for contemporary story telling and ideas. Route runs a paperback publishing programme of fiction and performance poetry and this is supported by Route-online, which presents byteback books for download, performance recordings and an online gallery, as well as news, views and features.

Soft Skull Press A very visible visable and respected alternative house in the US.

SOHO Press Publisher of fiction, with the occasional autobiography or cultural historical account.

Speak Without Interruption Where writers can post their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs regarding any topic or category in an atmosphere of free speech and openness.

Station Hill Press An independent book publisher of innovative works that challenge and expand conceptions of human possibility.

Swink A bi-coastal, biannual print magazine dedicated to identifying and promoting literary talent in both established and emerging writers.

Tarpaulin Sky A very beautiful online journal.

Ugly Duckling Presse Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit art and publishing collective producing small to mid-size editions of new poetry, translations, lost works, and artist's books.

Wave Books An independent poetry press based in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to publishing the best in American poetry by new and established authors.

WebDelSol A collaboration on the part of scores of dedicated, volunteer editors, writers, poets, artists, and staff whose job it is to acquire and frame the finest contemporary literary art and culture available in America, and abroad, and to array it in such a manner that it speaks for itself.

The Writer Magazine An online and print magazine for writers. Your key to publishing success, providing the most comprehensive market contact info available, with electronic tools you won't find anywhere else.

Writing.Com The online community for writers and readers of all ages and interests.

Writing World A world of writing tips for writers around the world.

Voya Magazine The voice of youth advocacy, a magazine celebrating young people.

Women Writers A large collection of original fiction and poetry by women authors; a great selection of book reviews; scholarly articles on women authors; and a few interviews with well-known (and not so well known) feminist writers.

Writer's Digest The online guide to the writing life.

Written By The magazine of the Writers Guild of America - West.

Zoetrope Launched in 1997 by Francis Ford Coppola, Zoetrope: All-Story is a quarterly magazine devoted to new short fiction and one-act plays.



American University Established in 1980, American University's Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing is dedicated to supporting the intensely personal act of creating literature that will illuminate and endure.

Amherst Writers This workshop was designed on a simple philosophy: every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to launch his or her work.

Antioch University The Master of Fine Arts program was founded in 1997 as the nation's first low-residency creative writing program on the West Coast.

Arizona State University Consistently ranked as one of the top creative writing programs in the nation by US News and World Report, the Creative Writing Program at Arizona State University combines the strengths of two departments: English, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Theatre, in the College of Fine Arts.

Bennington College Low-residency MFA Creative Writing program.

Boston University A small, intensive one-year M.A. program.

Bowling Green One of the oldest established programs in the country, Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University emphasizes the fine arts element of its degree. The program offers a BFA and MFA degree.

Brown University For nearly 40 years, the Brown University Graduate Program in Literary Arts has been a creative and intellectual center for the U.S. literary avant-garde. Along with only a handful of other writing programs nationwide, Brown's Graduate Program in Literary Arts provides a home for experimental writers of fiction, poetry, playwriting, electronic writing (hypertext) and mixed media.

Butler University Read any good books lately? Ever dreamed of writing the great American Novel? Perhaps you've thought about a career in editing, publishing, creative journalism, law or teaching? Butler University, English Department and Writing Program

California State at Fresno A thriving graduate creative writing program for over thirty years. The M.A. Option was directed for many years by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Philip Levine

Colby College The creative writing program at Colby offers students the opportunity to exercise their imaginations through disciplined work in the craft of writing.

Colorado State University The program offers a balance of intimate and intensive writing workshops with courses in literature, form and technique, and such related electives as creative nonfiction writing and translation.

Columbia University at New York The Creative Writing Center. The Creative Writing Studies offers credit and noncredit courses, in all genres, taught by distinguished members of the New York literary community

Cornell University Eight writers are admitted each year to the four-semester M.F.A. program; four in poetry and four in fiction. Students participate in a graduate writing workshop each semester and take 6 additional one-semester courses for credit, at least four of them in English or American literature, Comparative Literature, literature in the modern or classical languages, or cultural studies

Emerson College The Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing (WLP) offers undergraduate and graduate programs in disciplines ranging from poetry to screenwriting to magazine and book publishing.

Florida State University The creative writing program is home to winners of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, and features a faculty known not just as writers, but as teachers of writing.

George Mason University Started in 1980, the Graduate Creative Writing Program at George Mason University has a national reputation. The M.F.A. requires 48 semester hours of writing workshops and literature courses.

Georgia State University This creative writing program offers a Master of Fine Arts degree and the Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing

Goddard College In keeping with Goddard's commitment to self-directed education, your needs, goals, and passions as a writer determine your course of study. Students may choose to work in the areas of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, playwriting, screenwriting, or cross genre.

Goucher College The MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College offers non-traditional students nationwide an exciting and challenging graduate-level writing program that balances original writing with critical reading

Gradschools A comprehensive guide to creative writing graduate programs across the continental United States and Hawaii.

Indiana University The Creative Writing Program at Indiana University in Bloomington offers both the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) and the Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in fiction and poetry.

Johns Hopkins Beginning in the academic year 2004-5, The Writing Seminars will offer a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in fiction and poetry.

Kansas State University The Master's in Creative Writing and Literature prepares talented students to be poets, novelists, essayists, short story writers, reviewers, editors, and teachers.

Louisiana State University Creative Writing Department, news and information; application requirements; publications; contacts to various organizations.

Loyola University The Department of English at Loyola University Chicago has designed a structured certificate program for students who want to sharpen their skills in the art and craft of creative writing.

Minnesota State University The M.F.A. program in creative writing meets the needs of students who want to strike a balance between the development of individual creative talent and the close study of literature and language.

Miami University at Ohio A major in creative writing involves the study of writing poetry, fiction, and the familiar essay and incorporates a strong preparation in English literature.

Middlebury College This program offers a number of forums in which students may improve their writing.

Mills College The English Department at Mills offers programs to writers and scholars who come from different backgrounds, who have different styles and who have different dreams.

New England College The New England College low residency Master of Fine Arts in Poetry Program joins a rigorous curriculum with a peripatetic style.

Naropa University Naropa University is a private, non-profit, fully accredited liberal art college offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in transpersonal psychology, contemplative psychology, Buddhist studies, writing, environmental studies, gerontology, somatic psychology, early childhood education, and more

The New School The New School has been a vital center for creative writing and the instruction of writing since 1931, when distinguished editor Gorham Munson offered the first writing workshop. The New School offers a graduate writing program leading to the with concentrations in Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Writing for Children.

New York University For more than two decades, New York University has distinguished itself as a leading national center for the study of writing and literature.

Oberlin College Creative Writing Program; overview; faculty and staff; course offerings; alumni news; student news; events and deadlines.

Oklahoma State University Founded in 1975, this creative writing program is an integral part of an English department committed to diversity in its offerings.

Pennsylvania State University Penn State has long been an important site for reading and writing.

Princeton Since 1939 the Creative Writing Program has offered Princeton students the opportunity to pursue original work in fiction, poetry and translation under the supervision of practicing writers.

Roosevelt University at Chicago The Roosevelt graduate degree in creative writing offers specialties in fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction augmented by courses in play writing, screen writing,and literary magazine production.

St. Mary College Building on its rich traditions in the arts and humanities, Saint Mary's College founded the MFA Program in Creative Writing in 1995.

San Diego State University The San Diego State University Master of Fine Arts is a professional program intended for full-time students who wish to receive a terminal degree in creative writing.

San Francisco State University Creative Writing at San Francisco State University offers students a chance to develop their writing under the tutelage of an actively publishing faculty and visiting writers in poetry, fiction and playwriting.

Sarah Lawerence College On a campus of writers, Sarah Lawerence's highly selective MFA writing programs in poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction bring together talented artists in workshops of craft and critique of cross-genre work.

School of the Art Institute at Chicago The Master in Fine Arts in Writing Program is for writers of all genres, as well as for writers and artists who work with both image and text, and want to focus on writing.

Southern Illinois University The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is a studio-academic program designed to assist talented students in developing their skills as poets or fiction writers.

Syracuse University The M.F.A. program in Creative Writing gives promising fiction writers and poets an opportunity to study and practice their art with dedicated fellow writers.

Trinity College The Allan K. Smith Center for Writing & Rhetoric. Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

University of Alabama A lively and innovative 48-hour course of study toward the M.F.A. degree.

University of Alaska at Anchorage The MFA in Creative Writing is a flexible 45-hour professional degree designed to accommodate each student's needs.

University of Arizona Located in Tucson, in the lush Sonoran desert, has been offering a pre-eminent, student-centered Masters of Fine Arts program for over 25 years.

University of Arkansas The Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing requires 60 hours of coursework, with up to 18 hours transferable for students holding the MA in English.

University of California at Irvine The Programs in the writing of poetry and fiction lead to the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree in English.

University of California, Riverside The Department of Creative Writing at UCR offers the only Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing in the University of California system and MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts.

University of Colorado at Boulder The MA in Creative Writing trains students to write in a variety of genres and to study literature from the point of view of a working writer.

University of Florida The writing program at UF, one of the oldest in the nation, was begun in 1949 by Andrew Lytle.

University of Georgia GC&SU offers a unique setting for students interested in pursuing the MFA in Creative Writing.

University of Houston The Graduate Program in Creative Writing at the University of Houston has grown dramatically and attained national prominence since its founding in 1979.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Masters of Fine Arts degree at the University of Illinois provides students with the opportunity for graduate study and professional training in the writing of fiction and poetry.

University of Indiana The Creative Writing Program at Indiana University in Bloomington offers both the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) and the Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in fiction and poetry.

University of Iowa The Iowa Writers' Workshop is a two-year residency program which culminates in the submission of a creative thesis (a novel, a collection of stories, or a book of poetry) and the awarding of a Master of Fine Arts degree.

University of Massachusetts The University of Massachusetts MFA Program for Poets & Writers invites you to join a community of writers dedicated to the creation of new and important writing.

University of Michigan The graduate program in creative writing is a two-year program leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree.

University of Missouri-Columbia Through a diverse offering of faculty, courses, visiting writers, interdisciplinary projects, writing prizes, publishing internships, and student readings, the Creative Writing Program is committed to providing a rich learning experience and to enhancing our students' creative, literary, and professional lives.

University of Montana The University of Montana's writing program began formally in 1966 with the establishment of the M.F.A. degree, and has been shaped and influenced over the years by the likes of Hugo, Walter Van Tilburg Clark, and Leslie Fiedler.

University of New Mexico The MA program in English at UNM is offered in four concentrations: Language and Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Medieval Studies.

University of New Orleans The UNO Creative Writing Workshop offers the terminal degree of Master of Fine Arts. An interdisciplinary graduate program in imaginative writing, the workshop offers five areas of concentration: fiction writing, nonfiction writing, play writing, poetry and fiction and screen writing.

University of New South Wales The Master of Arts in Creative Writing encourages students to cross genres and to link creative writing with both relevant theory and other art forms.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill There are over 250 creative writing programs in the United States, mostly for students at the masters' level, but very few offer as much breadth, variety, and professionalism at the college level as UNC-Chapel Hill has for decades.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington UNCW's Department of Creative Writing unites a community of passionate, dedicated writers who believe that the creation of art is a pursuit valuable to self and culture.

University of Oklahoma English majors choose one track in literary and cultural studies or writing.

University of Oregon The central emphasis of our program is the act of writing, undertaken here in the context of a community of committed practitioners.

University of Pittsburgh As part of the oldest creative writing program in the country, the MFA at Pitt continues to be one of the most prestigious.

University of San Francisco Located on a hilltop in the center of San Francisco, USF's Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program offers graduate students an intimate personalized learning experience, while taking advantage of San Francisco's position as a vital center of literary expression.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville The University of Tennessee offers a Ph.D. in English with a creative dissertation, and both an MA and a BA in English with a Creative Writing concentration.

University of Texas at Austin The Creative Writing Concentration in English at The University of Texas at Austin offers two-year Master of Arts degrees in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction prose.

University of Utah In the creative writing program, workshops in the writing of fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction prose offer students opportunities to write for a responsive audience.

University of Virginia This MFA Program in Creative Writing was ranked fourth among the nation's top twenty creative writing programs by U.S. News and World Report (1997).

University of Washington The history of the creative writing program is long and distinguished, beginning in 1947 with the arrival of Theodore Roethke, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize while teaching at the University of Washington.

The Warwick Writing Program The Warwick Writing Program is an initiative of the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. It began on a small scale in 1995 with help from other University departments and from The Arts Council of England.

Washington University in St. Louis An integral part of the English Department, The Writing Program at Washington University consists of a challenging two-year MFA program in creative writing and a three-tier series of undergraduate poetry and fiction workshops taught by the MFA program's faculty and students.


Workshops and Conferences in Britain The online guide to about 400 short courses, conferences and summer schools in Britain. There are courses, conferences and summer schools run by universities, adult education colleges, private institutions and literary societies.

Alaskan Writers Retreat Favorite Bay Lodge, in Southeast Alaska, allows you to get in touch with your primitive side. Enjoy the bastions of wild life and luxury in one destination. Sink your teeth into a good book or write one. You deserve this.

The Albany Poetry Workshop An interactive forum for poets and writers. Since 1995, a free online poetry workshop.

The Algonkian Conferences Learn to apply fiction craft and market smarts from the best pros in the publishing business.

Antioch Writers Workshop For writers of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and memoir. Whether you're a beginning, intermediate, or advanced writer, we offer inspiration, instruction, and professional connections

Bread Loaf Writers Conference The oldest writers' conference in America, convening yearly in mid-August at Middlebury's Bread Loaf Mountain campus amid the Green Mountain National Forest in Ripton, Vermont.

Cat Writers Association The Cat Writers Association, Inc. (CWA) is a professional organization of cat communicators: writers, editors, publishers, artists, public relations specialists, broadcasters and others.

Creative Journeys Creative Journeys is an organization whose purpose is to encourage women writers to honor their creativity through writing.

The Creativity Workshop This workshop is based in New York City and is taught around the world. It was established in 1993 to provide an alternative to traditional forms of education and thinking.

Chris Soth's Million-Dollar Screenwriting! - Let Chris Soth teach you his Mini-Movie Method of writing sequences and finish your million dollar screenplay this year!

E-script E-script is the meeting place on the web for scriptwriters of all kinds. Since 1996, they've brought playwrights and screen & TV writers from around the world together with top theatre, film, and television professionals in unique online courses and workshops.

Elizbeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing Elizabeth Ayres has been teaching creative writing since 1972.

Intensive Journaling Developed in 1966 by Dr. Ira Progoff, this nationally-recognized program has helped people lead more fulfilling lives. Discover resources and possibilities. The Intensive Journal method can be your honest friend in the creative process of shaping your life.

Iowa Summer Writing Festival The University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival is a short term, noncredit writing program for adults. The Festival offers approximately 128 workshops in June and July across a spectrum of literary genres, including novel, short fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, playwriting, humor, writing for children, mystery, and romance.

Jackson Hole Writers Conference Come to this breathtaking western setting and share your work with others at the eleventh annual Jackson Hole Writers Conference. For four days at the Snow King Resort you will be in the company of other writers and leaders from the publishing industry, talking about the craft and business of writing.

Key West Literary Seminar The Key West Literary Seminar is dedicated to the investigation and celebration of the written word and to the support of American writers. The seminar strives to preserve our literary heritage by promoting dialogue among writers, scholars, and readers at its annual January seminar and through readings and writing workshops.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop The Lighthouse Writers Workshop is an independent creative writing school in Denver, Colorado, founded and operated by working writers and university-level teachers of writing.

Mendocino Coast Writers Conference An intimate conference limited to 100 participants where excellent writers who are also outstanding teachers will encourage you to find and express your own voice.

Napa Valley Writers Conference A place to convene for fellowship, serious work with a focus on craft, and a week spent beside the hills and vineyards that have made the Napa Valley famous.

Naropa Summer Writing Program The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, hosts an incredible summer writing program every year at the foot of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

Paris Writers Workshop Committed to providing inspiration and high-level instruction on craft to writers of all skill levels in a supportive environment. The PWW celebrates the diversity of voices within its community of writers.

The Rappahannock Fiction Writers Workshop The annual Rappahannock Fiction Writers Workshop continues the tradition of offering aspiring writers the opportunity to work closely with well-established writers in a four-day workshop.

Redbird Studio Redbird is a small not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping people write. We offer workshops, private coaching and public presentations on fiction, nonfiction and business writing.

Rutgers Camden Summer Writers Conference An intensive program of workshops and readings, featuring a staff of nationally recognized poets, fiction - writers, essayists and editors. The series of workshops, lectures and lunch meetings is open to both students and the community, though some prior workshop or professional experience is required.

San Diego Writers Group A nonprofit organization that encourages and nurtures writers and those wishing to explore their voice through writing.

Shawguides The most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of writers conferences and workshops across the country and around the world.

South Manchester Writers Workshop A creative writing group based in Didsbury.

Split Rock Arts Program Split Rock is a summer series of week-long residential workshops in creative writing, visual arts and crafts, and creativity enhancement.

Taos Summer Writing Program Held in Taos, New Mexico, this writing conference features workshops in Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Travel Writing, Publishing, and Historical Fiction.

The Writers Circle - Hong Kong welcomes writers of all levels, of all kinds, and provides opportunities to network, gain knowledge of the market place, meet industry professionals, and get feedback on your work. We are bloggers, film makers, screenwriters, novelists, short story writers, non-fiction writers and playwrights and poets.

Writing Classes The most comprehensive creative writing classes online or in New York City.

Writers Retreat These workshops and clinics are geared to emerging and established writers and/or film and video makers.

Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow The therapeutic writing courses at Writing to Heal, Writing to Grow are based on research which shows that writing deep thoughts and feelings about stressful events can help people reduce stress, have more positive outlooks, and boost their immune systems.

Writing2Sell Commercial success as a writer requires far more than the ability to write pretty sentences! You'll find no lessons on how to write here. You can probably write well enough to be published already.


Agent Query Agent Query offers the largest, most current searchable database of literary agents on the weba treasure trove of reputable, established literary agents seeking writers just like you. And it's free (not because there's a catch, but simply because not enough things in this world are free).

The Association of American Publishers Inc The AAP has some 310 members located throughout the United States, is the principal trade association of the book publishing industry.

Association of Author's Representatives A not-for-profit organization of qualified literary agents and dramatic representatives of authors, dramatists and other creators and owners of intellectual property.

American Literary Translators Association A broad-based organization dedicated to the promotion of literary translation through services to literary translators, forums on the theory and practice of translation, collaboration with the international literary community, and advocacy on behalf of the literary translator. ALTA is the only organization in the United States dedicated solely to literary translation.

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs The mission of The AWP is to foster literary talent and achievement, to advance the art of writing as essential to a good education, and to serve the makers, teachers, students, and readers of contemporary writing.

Copyright - US Office Promoting progress of the arts and protection for the works of authors.

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses serves one of the most active segments of American arts and culture: the independent publishers of exceptional fiction, poetry and prose.

Fiction Addiction Created with the idea that there's no other place where both writers and readers can come together for the ultimate network of fiction resources. Screenwriters and Industry Professionals - InkTip specializes in matching industry members (producers, representatives, directors, actors, etc.) with the freshest screenwriters and scripts.

Poets & Writers The nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to creative writing.

Wikipedia - Publishers List A list of English language book publishers, including academic publishers, technical manual publishers, publishers for the traditional book trade (both for adults and children), religious publishers, and small press publishers, among other types.

Writing Contests Freelance[dot]com's list of contests for writers any/all genres, styles, etc.

Writers-Free-Reference A list of free information useful to writers.

Writing Forward Grammar tips, literary news, and writing exercises that help writers hone their skills, master the craft, and shine brightly in all that they write. You'll also find a warm and supportive writing community here.

Writers Guild of America - East Promoting and protecting the professional and artistic interests of writers and others in movies, TV, radio and news.

Writers Guild of America - West The world leader in online screenplay registration, the WGAW represents writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable and new media industries.

Writers Help Desk Designed to help individuals turn their dreams of publishing into reality.